Saturday, December 11, 2010

floral never dies

spent the whole day in plaza indonesia to celebrate Vicky's birthday and turned out the day was sooo much fun with the lovely one! i was so excited to meet the girls since we're now in different schools and i ALWAYS cherish every moment that i spend with them :)
bytheway, i can feel holiday has called my name as one week from now, i can say 'freedom' out loud *big smile*
and as usual, i wanna share few photos about my outfit today and share some happiness with my girlfriends. enjoy!



watch - Casio gold , bracelet - Silly Bandz and random , bird rings - Agent Ninetynine , ribbon rings - Phoebe & Chloe




tee - Asos , floral skirt - Mango , flats - Tory Burch , bag - Balenciaga , heart glasses - unbranded

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