Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jakarta in a few days.

Don't have any task to do in waiting 26 November. At these date, I will go home to Jakarta; I feel excited to face it. I miss my lovely sister, Bella Florentina so much! I will kiss her soon, wait for me gorgeous. This is my first post after Bella took over the account, and we promise to give you guys, our cute photos! check it out soon :)



Purple Polo Ralph Lauren, Navy Fred Perry Cardigan, Fcuk watches, Wrangler shorts, Piece by Peace Navy Plimsolls

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i feel high on heels

Happy Eid Mubarak for those people who celebrate it.

if it's eid mubarak so it means holiday! yeeaaayy! (personally i dont celebrate eid mubarak, i celebrate chrismas :D). eventhough only 1 day of holiday, still, it's one-full-day-free-time. i can do anything i like and want. start today having brunch with some friends and the rest? studying chemistry and did a little photoshoot for my blog. i have no idea what's pushing me to keep blogging. i think i just fell in love with blogging and dressing up <3

it took 20mins to decided which cloth, pants and heels should i wear for these photos and i feel satisfied with my own choice but not with my face, i sucks at posing for camera whether i have to smile or not, therefore it's end up like this,lol . besides,my body looks slimmer and taller :p






Tanktop - Zara , Hareem Pants - unbranded , Skinny Belt - Bershka , Nude Pumps - Rubi

Friday, November 12, 2010

party like it's the end of the world

last two weeks, i attended my bff, Jovita's birthday bash which is located at Social House, Grand Indonesia. we definitely had fun go mad! laughed, posed for camera, gossiping, remembering our sweet moments in junior high school (as i've moved to different school for high school). that's our routine everytime we meet, we couldn't get enough do those things.
and these are some photos.. please enjoy!

Tanktop - Zara , Highwaist Short - Bershka , Blazer - Zara , Heels - Aldo , Bracelet - unbranded

with the birthday bitch, Jovita <3 href="" title="blog222 by bellaflorentina, on Flickr">blog222

B : my very first post

hello people. been a while since the last time my brother posted something and this is my very first time to write. yeah, kindda nervous but i let my fingers 'dance' above this keyboard. lol .
as you known, this blog is both mine and Rheza's and as Rheza has published more than 1 post, now it's my turn to show my style :)
and here is it...


Dress - Topshop , Denim Jacket - unbranded , Flowery Clutch - Topshop , Geek Glasses - unbranded , Watch - Casio Gold