Saturday, December 11, 2010

floral never dies

spent the whole day in plaza indonesia to celebrate Vicky's birthday and turned out the day was sooo much fun with the lovely one! i was so excited to meet the girls since we're now in different schools and i ALWAYS cherish every moment that i spend with them :)
bytheway, i can feel holiday has called my name as one week from now, i can say 'freedom' out loud *big smile*
and as usual, i wanna share few photos about my outfit today and share some happiness with my girlfriends. enjoy!



watch - Casio gold , bracelet - Silly Bandz and random , bird rings - Agent Ninetynine , ribbon rings - Phoebe & Chloe




tee - Asos , floral skirt - Mango , flats - Tory Burch , bag - Balenciaga , heart glasses - unbranded

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941.




black white stripes Topman, black leather jacket Cream, dry ecrumbo indigo Nudie Jeans, brown vintage Aldo shoes, black Lee Cooper glasses, Rosary.

Friday, December 3, 2010

santa is on his way

tommorow is another weekend and i think i wont be able to go anywhere as im gonna have my exam next week, monday to be exact. so many tasks and assignments that i've to do before and even after the exam. damn those project! but behind all of these things, i can smell the sense of CHRISTMAS! yipppiieeyy!! it's one of my favourite holiday every year. xmas tree, candy cane, xmas songs, snows (too bad i live in tropical area) and other things that you could see during this big day and the most important thing for me,those stuffs really boost up my mood :)

and well, i spent my last saturday wisely since rheza is coming back to town and at last, he's going back FOR GOOD!!! can't be more happier than this :)




grey tee - Dotti , leather skirt - Zara , belt - Zara , neverfull bag - Louis Vuitton , flats - Tod's , snakbracelet - (X)S.M.L , watch - Toywatch , necklace - unbranded , rings - agent ninetynine & diva